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Global Shokunin brings you a highly curated selection of quality hand-crafted products made by Shokunins or artisans all over the world.

We believe that the way to create a more equitable world is by supporting ethically made small-batch production, rather than supporting mass manufactured goods with murky supply chains and questionable labor practices.

When you purchase from Global Shokunin, you are:

Buying high quality hand crafted products made by skilled artisans receiving fair wages.

Supporting ethically made products with minimal energy usage, and often local supply chains.

Keeping ancient handicraft traditions alive and celebrating our global cultural heritage.

A Cultural Ambassador for artisans around the world!

Blog posts

Lightfoot Market - Our first customer outreach

Lightfoot Market - Our first customer outreach

The sustainable commerce event - Lightfoot Market was located in the heart of DUMBO, overlooking New York City's East River and Financial District...
The Empowerment Circle

The Empowerment Circle

 Global Shokunin's resident cultural anthropologist, Tiger (yes, that's her name) who is a researcher by day, moonlights as a rescuer of animals an...
Amirugumi: Our Crocheted Friends!

Amirugumi: Our Crocheted Friends!

Team Shokunin recently had the joy of going to ResoBox, a Japanese Cultural arts center in New York City.  Walking around the exhibit was like wal...