Trash To Cash

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Trash to Cash is a NGO based in New Delhi, working to create opportunities for people with disabilities.  Dr. Madumita Puri the Founder and Executive Director of Trash to Cash  once asked a young man with disability, “what do you want out of life?

After a while, he answered “Everyday, I want to  wake up in the morning, eat breakfast and leave for work. In the evenings, when I get back home, I want to relax and drink a cup of tea, then watch a bit of TV before dinner and sleep early to be fresh for the next morning”. He added with smile on his face that he would like to watch a movie in a theater on Sundays.

She reflected long on his simple description of what we would refer to as the everyday life of an ordinary person. And then, she understood that  what he really wanted was to be included – with Just an Ordinary Life – nothing special – just ordinary, like everybody else!

In his quiet statement she began to see the path she would take with the adults training with Trash To Cash. A path that would give people working with disabailities a beginning of “ ordinariness with an ordinary place in adult life”.

And from then on, Trash to Cash has been striving to do just that: designing strategies and products that are inclusive, to ensure that the people with disabilities can embark on and sustain their meaningful contributions and earn a place in everyday life – financially and socially.

To achieve this, they  start by educating young children in Prabhat, Society for Child Development in a rigorous program of academics, social skills and habits. When 18, students are transferred to the Skill building and Income generation program, where they apprentice with other skilled workers with disability to learn on–the–job.