Sustainable Threads

Sustainable Threads, a fair trade wholesale enterprise, was born from its founders collective professional experience and personal interest in rural development, entrepreneurship and social justice. They currently work with over 10 artisan groups in India, with the goal of long term, deep partnerships and fair trade practices in production. This model requires a significant investment in design and product development, factoring in the skill sets of each community. Employment with sustainable threads allows the artisans to have fair steady income plus annual bonuses, have greater flexibility as they work from home, and access to medical coverage.

The women artisans weave cotton fabrics using frame bamboo looms. These looms are crafted fusing bamboo and other locally available materials. The artisan carefully strings cotton threads colored with vibrant azo-free (eco-friendly) dyes vertically upon the loom. The Sustainable Threads product featured on Shokunin are hand-woven by an artisan cooperative from Northeast India which employs indigenous women. These artisans are skilled at creating intricately woven stylish pieces that incorporate traditional design elements and skills. Watch a short video of  women artisans weaving on the bamboo loom: