Sabahar - An Ethiopian Fair Trade Organization

Watch a video to learn more about our artisan partner from Ethiopia, Sabahar and the silk and cotton hand-weaving process:

Sabahar strives to create respectful, ethical and sustainable work opportunities for artisans in Ethiopia. By providing international buyers the opportunity to purchase Fair Trade products in Ethiopia, Sabahar is supporting hundreds of people to earn salaries on which they can live. At Sabahar, employees earn about 250% more than the industry average for the work they do and also receive profit sharing bonusesFifty percent of our staff is women and about 75% of the management positions are held by women. Staff members who are interested in going to school get time off to do so. Sabahar uses only environmentally friendly dyes and have a water filtration system working to minimize our environmental impact. Sabahar introduces their artisans to industry experts so they can learn what is needed to succeed in the global market.

Sabahar is a monitored member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). Buy their products here.