Mayan Hands

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 Mayan Hands is a fair trade nonprofit organization with a mission to provide economic and educational opportunity to Mayan women, ensuring a path to prosperity for artisans, their families and communities. Fair payment and long-term partnerships allow the women to raise their families out of extreme poverty while continuing to live within the culture they cherish.

Mayan Hands partners with more than 150 women artisans who live in 13 different rural communities in the highlands of Guatemala.  Mayan women love to weave and inscribe their cloth with symbols of the earth’s sacredness and their culture’s unique vision of the universe. Working together, they design products rooted in rich traditional techniques and adapted for the international market.

In addition to a regular income, Mayan Hands offers opportunities that include scholarships for daughters of their artisan partners, health-related services and support, micro-lending, training in new skills and techniques, as well as classes in gender awareness, domestic violence prevention, conflict resolution, and herbal medicine.

Since its founding 25 years ago, Mayan Hands has been guided by the principles of fair trade. Mayan Hands is a founding member of the Fair Trade Federation.