All Across Africa


Watch a video to learn more about our artisan partner from Rwanda, All Across Africa and the sisal baskets hand-weaving process:


Global Shokunin's baskets are made by Rwandan artisans that partner with All Across Africa. AAA partners closely with their business networks in creating an efficient and sustainable fair trade supply chain. As a market-driven operation, they are committed to creating relationships with their producers who can depend on having long-term orders, and so consumers know what they are purchasing and exactly where it comes from.

The livelihood opportunities that AAA creates mean a lot to the basket-weavers as each basket they sell increases their chances for a better life. Quality of life, community status, self-worth and confidence are just a few of the hopeful effects these baskets bring. With the income the weavers receive, they are able to open bank accounts, start businesses and even hire other workers. The effect from the production and income of basket weaving ripples through the entire nation of Rawanda.

Every step in their supply chain counts toward creating beautiful products from talented artisans. AAA describes their reach as an olive branch, uniquely stretching across continents and purposefully bridging the gap between consumers and producer.

All Across Africa ensures fair Labor practices and safe working conditions throughout their supply chain. In addition to our focus on creating jobs, AAA partners with Opportunities Across Africa and Rwanda Partners. Both are nonprofit organizations that provides holistic training and development, education, reconciliation and skill training to rural and marginalized communities. Buy All Across Baskets Here