Who runs the world? WOMEN!

Thousands of people gathered at Central Park South and Washington Park in NYC including many other locations in the USA on women’s day 2017 which was called “A Day Without Women”. The goal was to highlight the value and substantial economic contributions women make in this country and around the world. Women were urged to not work, paid or unpaid, not spend money in-store or online (except in support of women and minority owned businesses), and to show solidarity by wearing red.

There were many people who stood in solidarity with women, holding signs to protest lower wages, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, job insecurity and Trump’s Global Gag Rule.

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One sign specifically grabbed our attention, “Intersectional Lady Liberty” sketched by Zoe who described herself as an “ Appalachian queer with a good life in NYC”

Intersectional Feminism is an age old term used by feminists in addressing the need of feminist movement to be more diverse and inclusive. A women’s multidimensional identity needs to be inclusive of race, class, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and address all the factors that impact women who face injustice and discrimination.

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Another exciting development was seeing the bronze statue of the little girl standing in front of the charging bull on Wall Street with a pink pussy hat on her head!

           No butterfly Kisses today! I am on strike 

The rally at Washington Park comprised of many women in costumes who participated with a spin of creativity.

Before the rally was on its way, the crowd began chanting empowering quotes like “The people united will never be defeated” and sang uplifting songs “I will survive”. The crowd was completely energized when participants started to dance and sing. We at Global Shokunin, stand with all women around the world in hope for a better tomorrow!



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