Weaving Holiday Happiness

Handmade Holiday Willo Wreath
In the true spirit of holidays and being mindful of consumption, we were inspired by nature to create eco-friendly decorations! The weeping willow tree in the backyard obliged!  So, we wove some dried late summer blooms (saved as reminders of last summer’s sunshine), the willow branches and a wee bit of imagination into a wreath to welcome the holidays. Here is a vignette of weaving happiness.

Handmade Holiday Willow Wreath "How to make"  "step by step"

And Viola! Now Hanging on our door to Welcome all the Shokunin family and friends. So we encourage you gather some friends, put on your warm winter coats, go for a walk in the woods or your neighborhood, collect foliage and weave your own memories into a wreath. Happy Holidays from our family to yours! 

Handmade Willow Holiday Wreath hanging on front red door

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