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By Guest Blogger - Tanisha Williams, Grace Institute Graduate, August 2017

Tanisha Williams, Guest Blogger, Grace Institute

Global Shokunin, Talbots and Grace Institute are hosting an event "Shop to Empower" on 7th September to  help empower women in New York city and abroad. A percentage of the proceeds that evening will go to support local women’s nonprofit workforce training program at the Grace Institute.  I want to share with you my experience at Grace Institute so you know why it’s so important to join this event.

I’ve never considered participating in a job training program. When I realized that Grace Institute was for women, I felt comfortable and decided to apply. Once I found out that I was accepted, I quit my retail job and decided to pursue this brand-new opportunity.

On my first day at Grace, I received such a warm welcome from the entire staff. It was clear to see that they were excited for everyone to start their journey. It was a beautiful space with amazing views of the city and full of positive energy. I had so many reasons to keep coming back, and really immersed myself into the values of the community to the point where I’ve embodied them.

Passing the BatonGrace Institute 

Grace Institute focuses on areas like social justice, job training, job retention, and mental health. They demonstrate a “power with” model amongst each other, and the participants.  I felt like my voice really did matter to them and I was never afraid to speak up. This organization does everything in their power to make sure that they equip women with the skills, knowledge, and encouragement to pursue their dreams and career goals.

With a background of 4 years in retail and little office experience I wasn’t sure how to propel myself into a new field. With the many opportunities and detailed training that Grace Institute has provided in the past few months, I am proud to say that I have overcome that hurdle.

People call Grace Institute a “program”, but I consider it nothing less than an amazing experience. I hope that they’re able to continue teaching and inspiring, many more, as they have me and my fellow Grace sisters. I appreciated how Grace Institute, being a program for women, never implemented a “man up” narrative. They provided a space for women to be emotional, vulnerable, and told us to not be ashamed. They reminded us that women tend to take care of others first and are left with nothing for themselves. Grace Institute has taught me that as a young woman I need to believe in the power I posses, advocate for myself, and walk in my confidence as I continue to push forward.


Please register for this Free event by visiting  our Events page. 


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