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The Grace Institute - Empowering Women on the Path to Self-Sufficiency

Tanisha Williams shares her experience working with the Grace Institute. Read in her own words why she thinks its important to support the work of the Grace Institute by attending the "Shop To Empower", an affiliate event of the 2017 Climate Change Week. Event being hosted on 7th September by Global Shokunin at the Talbots Flagship store on Madison Avenue. Click Here for details and free registration.

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Amirugumi: Our Crocheted Friends!

Team Shokunin recently had the joy of going to ResoBox, a Japanese Cultural arts center in New York City.  Walking around the exhibit was like walking into a wonderland of toys just waiting to come to life! Many cultural centers are dedicated to presenting traditional cultural experiences, reminding expatriates and their descendants of the beauty and pride of their heritage.  Image source However, ResoBox is a little different as it is dedicated to infusing the world with Japanese art and culture, and to see how it changes and influences the world around it. The 3rd Annual Amigurumi Exhibition was held between Dec 9, 2016 - Mar 31, 2017 and it was called “World Amigurumi Exhibition vol. 3: Mixed Materials Made Mini Monsters! The exhibition required that each...

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